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We develop unique technology solutions for clients in the banking and finance industries.


Banking Solutions

As the banking industry has evolved alongside technology, it has become more important than ever before for banks to find secure solutions for their client’s privacy. Coastal Solutions works with bankers every day to find the IT solutions that work for them. Between fierce competition, stringent regulations, and ever-changing client needs, those in the banking industry need to stay up-to-date and innovate on their information systems. Our experience assisting our banking partners in their IT solutions have equipped us with the knowledge and experience necessary to help you with all of your information technology needs.


Finance Solutions

Coastal Solutions helps finance professionals find intelligent policy-driven data management solutions that work for them. We help you guard against fraud and cyber attacks while simplifying and modernizing your IT footprint and operational costs. Our information technology specialists will help you to improve your analytics and target customers with precision. See the advantages of modern and innovative IT solutions with Coastal Solutions.


What We Do


Digital Modernization

We are able to modernize your outdated systems to create comprehensive IT banking and finance solutions. We develop digital and IT solutions to improve your ROI, as well as personalize customer interaction, increase delivery speeds of products and services, and improve workforce collaboration.


Security Auditing

Coastal Solutions performs in-depth audits of your security systems to identify weakness and develop a plan to fix the problems. Don’t wait until your systems get hacked to check your security safety and protocol.

Hardening Network Security

After identifying the leaks in your IT security system, we conceptualize and implement a custom network security plan that works for you. We set up firewalling and other security services to ensure you and your customer’s sensitive information is always protected.

Encrypted Messaging

Communication is a key to success. Coastal Solutions can set up encrypted messaging services to streamline safe communication both in-house and with clients.

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