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We Manage Your Technology. You Manage Your Business.

What We Do

Coastal Solutions, Inc is a leader in IT service solutions, having served the community for over 28 years. Over that time we have grown with the technology, staying up to date on the latest changes in the industry. We strive to develop information technology systems that work for you and your business. We take care of your technology so all you have to worry about is managing your business.


At Coastal Solutions, we pride ourselves on being trustworthy and professional. We have dedicated teams to ensure that your calls are answered by a person and not a machine. When we make promises, we keep them. We react promptly to calls and are sure to always be on time. We understand that there is nothing worse than having a computer or network down and having to wait for a technician who is unreliable. You can rely on Coastal Solutions for your IT system needs.

Exceeding Expectations

One thing Coastal Solutions is known for is servicing our clients beyond their expectations. We don’t simply sell you hardware, set it up, get paid and leave. We are there beyond the sale for continued support. We anticipate clients’ after sale needs based upon their varied technical knowledge and support them accordingly. Simply and in plain language, we’ll help you with the learning curve and continue to be a resource for ongoing questions that inevitably occur.


Our reputation is the one thing which follows us everywhere we go. Whenever we make recommendations, our objective is not to just sell the client equipment, but to give you the best value for your needs. We believe sincerely that when we are done servicing your business, you will call us back and not consider anyone else.

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